Changing funeral practices of the unaffiliated ....

Hugh says: "Over the past few decades funeral practices in the UK have undergone remarkable changes, giving families far more choices and options. There has been a clear shift away from the impersonal, standardised and wholely religious funeral services of the past. The move is away from 'Church' and towards the beliefs of the individual."

Many aspects of the funeral ceremony come down to personal choice with the opportunity for families to take an active role in choosing the music and readings and speaking about the person who has died. The primary task of the funeral professional today is to assist families in creating such a funeral.

In the unaffiliated service - that is a non-church service - the main focus is primarily on the life, beliefs, values and character of the person who has died. Perhaps several people will talk about them, or there may be open spontaneous sharing. Personal objects and photographs may be present, the music and readings carefully chosen as favourites or to reflect the life and beliefs of the person who has died.

The funeral ceremony may be held in a Crematorium or a community hall or perhaps even the family home, with the room decorated in a particular, personal style. It's a choice the family can make.

Funerals for the unaffiliated ....

Funerals provide an opportunity, if not an obligation, to express publicly held beliefs about the meaning of life and death.

Most people now are not affiliated to a particular religion. They are unaffiliated, but they still have their own beliefs.

Hugh, a green fuse Celebrant will respect individual views and spiritual beliefs, and compose and conduct an appropriate, well-structured and imaginative ceremony, right from the heart.

The family and friends can participate in any aspect of the preparation and holding of the ceremony should they wish to. In fact participation is encouraged.

The green fuse training is professional and thorough, taking place over several months, so that their Celebrants can provide the family with a safe pair of hands, listen to them carefully, treat them with warmth and kindness, and inspire them towards the best funeral they can have for their loved person - a funeral that is moving and memorable, something to cherish always.

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